Chamrousse Nordic Park Cross Country Skiing

General Overview

Situated on a high plateau (it is actually a nature area and marshland in the summer) in the heart of the breathtaking French Alps, Chamrousse is popular with cross-country skiing enthusiasts from the town of Grenoble due to its proximity, 30 minutes by road and good snow. The area offers flattish trails on the plateau but more experienced skiers can head off into the woods for rolling pistes, long descents and steep, challenging climbs. There are two rental shops. One at the car parking on the main road and another, usually less busy, at the Saliniere restaurant. The ESF offers lessons. There is a picnic and changing area and a restaurant.

Chamrousse Cross Country Skiing

Trip Report

The only sunny day of the week was an excuse to get in an early lunch nordic ski at Chamrousse. It is nice as it is not too hilly although only the main plateau is open at the moment due to the slow start to the season. I did some concentric loops then bumped into a friend from the local ski club and as we are a similar level we did a couple of tours chatting and catching up. A few bits of ice. Snow generally good but a bit "early season" with some cambers on the pistes which are not always easy to ski. Lots of crowds but ok on the tracks.

Chamrousse Cross Country Skiing Map