Five reasons you should try rollerskiing this spring

Five Reasons to try Roller Skiing this Spring

Beautiful spring weather is here and everyone is keen to get back into sports before the summer vacations arrive

. The temperatures are rising, and the prospect of summer vacation is getting closer. As often happens with spring, the desire to get back into sports arises. But your running shoes are giving you the cold shoulder, and your bike reminds you that your behind will suffer again and again. Don't panic, there is a solution: you should start roller skiing. And we'll explain why.

  1. Roller skiing is great for the heart It can't be stressed enough that a good athlete's foundation lies in cardiovascular fitness. Roller skiing is a very enjoyable way to work on your cardiovascular endurance without pushing yourself too hard. By staying on flat terrain, you can limit your effort while still engaging your heart. It's a great way to progress without exhausting yourself. And if you increase the incline, you can really push your cardio.

  2. Roller skiing is low-impact on the body Apart from the possibility of falls, which significantly decreases after some practice, roller skiing has the considerable advantage of being non-traumatic to the joints, especially the knees and hips, which are often affected by running. It's also great for the back and avoids the constraints associated with cycling, for example. You can easily go on a 2-hour outing without experiencing muscle soreness or joint pain.

A number of triathletes actually use roller skiing as a complement to their training to avoid excessive strain on their bodies and add variety to their workouts.

  1. Roller skiing provides a genuine skiing experience Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 20 years, you've probably noticed that we're experiencing climate change, and its effects are already being felt in the mountains. Snow is becoming scarce everywhere. While it might be premature to say that skiing, especially cross-country skiing, is threatened, it is undoubtedly a real concern. Roller skiing provides a very interesting alternative in terms of sensations.

Of course, the feeling is not exactly the same as skiing on snow. However, the technique is very similar, and with the right equipment, you can experience sensations very close to what you feel on the slopes.

The other advantage is that this gliding experience is less dependent on the weather, allowing you to practice in diverse landscapes and almost any conditions.

  1. It gives you a full body workout Returning to the physical aspect, roller skiing has a major advantage over running and cycling. While running and cycling primarily work the lower body (aside from cardiovascular fitness), roller skiing engages the entire muscle chain. From the trapezius to the calves, it's not only the muscles of the arms and shoulders but also the legs that are involved.

Add a good dose of glutes and abdominals, and you have the perfect combination for getting your summer body ready!

Make new connections through roller skiing! This is the icing on the cake. The unexpected but very real bonus that will motivate you. Roller skiing is like the new way to meet people in the great outdoors. Just equip yourself in the parking lot, and you'll see.

This sport attracts the curious and generates enthusiastic reactions from people you pass by. We can't count the number of times people have stopped us to ask questions. They want to know if the sensations are good and if it's easy or not.

Well, we'll spare you the repetitive jokes like "Is the snow any good?" It's actually quite nice, even if it gets a little repetitive.

Roller skiing is THE sport to discover this spring. Of course, it's advisable to start with a coach. But if you've already practiced inline skating or cross-country skiing, you'll do very well, as long as you protect yourself properly with at least a bike helmet.