la Feclaz Boxing Day cross country skate

la Feclaz Cross Country Skiing

la Feclaz, in the Bauges mountains was claiming 90km of pistes open so it seemed like a good plan for a morning trip. They double count pistes so you couldn't really ski 90km but I intended to do less than half that so wouldn't exhaust the area. I arrived reasonably early, before the main crowds of the day. The snow canons were working full time on the plateau and I wondered how the trails further afield were baring up. I needn't have worried. Everywhere but St Francois, where there were some bare patches was in good condition. Sugary snow on la Feclaz' famous steepbut short climbs which required a bit of technique. There were some aggressive club skier who were gliding around like they were the only people on the slopes which doesn't make for relaxing skiing. A couple of loops for 32km, not bad for the first long skate of the winter.