Le Sappey tour to Eynard and Emeindras

Le Sappey claims 42 km of cross country trails. The ski area is split into two sectors which are not totally linked up. There is a loop around the Marais des Sagnes (Sagnes wetlands) which is flat and a good training area. You can cross the road and ski through the park and football grounds at the bottom of le Sappey then cross the road again to reach the bottom of the alpine ski lifts and the trails. The cross country ski lodge sits in the middle of this but you have 300 meters walk in either direction to reach the trails. The main area has a climb to Emeindras and occassionally it is pisted to Saint Hughes then the col du Porte. There are 2 green pistes, 2 blue pistes, 2 red pistes and a night floodlit training loop of 700 meters and ski hire at the lodge in the village.

I skated from le Sappey to Emeindras. It is the first time I've tried the climb and it is quite a long climb but not too steep. The snow was good, a bit soft outside of the village runs which made climbing hard work at times. It is a really nice route through the woods with few people. After skiing down, again not bad but need to take care I finished with the blue loop up to Eynard with faster snow in the village area. The climb was in sun but the cloud had rolled in for the ski down.