Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing offers an immersive experience in nature, enabling you to glide gracefully through snowy landscapes while enjoying the beauty of winter. There are two styles: classic and skating. Classic skiing is usually practised in "rails" set in the track and resembles walking or running. It's an excellent choice for those seeking a more relaxed and leisurely pace. For those seeking a more dynamic and exhilarating experience, the skate style of cross country skiing is the perfect fit.

At the same time the equipment gives less control. Being able to stop when you need to is an essential skills as are manouvering and steering in the right direction. The correct stance and balance as well as being able to get up after a (rare) fall will also help your enjoyment of the sport. Having these skills will enable you to go further and longer with less effort and appreciate the outdoor environment without anxiety.

It is best to acquire the necessary skills at the start of your cross country career so that you don't pick up bad habits and even risk strain type injuries due to incorrect technique. We can show you the basics and improve the technique of existing skiers. If you are thinking about training for your first race we can give you hints, tips and coaching.