Glossary and References

CP Competition period
Crossfit A multimodal exercise regime involving resistance exercises, gymnastics, and plyometrics, as well as running and rowing or cycle ergometry, combined in a “workout of the day”
CV Cardio Vascular
GE Gross efficiency
GP General preparation
HIIT High intensity interval training
HIT High intensity training
HR Heart rate
HRmax Maximum overall heart rate
HRpeak Peak heart rate for a particular sport
HRR Heart Rate Reserve
HVT High Volume Training
LIT Low Intensity Training
LT Lactate threshold
MAP Maximal aerobic power
MIT Moderate intensity training
MLSS Maximal lactate steady state
POL Polarized Training
PP Preparation Period (aka GP)
PYR Pyramidal Training
RHR Resting Heart Rate
RPE Rating of perceived exertion (BORG scale, 6-20)
SG Session goal
SG/TIZ A hybrid session goal/time in zone approach
SP Mean power during a 30 s all-out test (Wingate)
SP Specific preparation
SR Self-report
sRPE Session rating of perceived exertion (1-10)
SST Sweet Spot Training
THR Threshold Training
TID Training intensity distribution
TIZ Time in zone
TrV Training Load Volume


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