An example (Polarized - POL) Training Week

This is a training plan for a polarized (POL) week designed for an elite level cross country skier in the general preparation phase. It consists of around 20 hours of exercise per week. This is obviously too much for a typical amateur racer but serves an an example.

Day Exercise Morning Afternoon
Monday Classic Rollerski Trekking Run
Time 40-22-30mins 10 sets of 10s intervals with 120s rest 90 mins
Intensity Z1 (warm up), Z3, Z1 (easy) Z1
Tuesday Rollerski Weigh/Core
Time 40-20-40 mins 90 mins
Intensity Z1 (warm up), Z2, Z1 (easy)
Wednesday Mountain Walk with Poles Rest
Time 180 mins
Thursday Classic Rolerski Other Sport
Time 90 mins 90 mins
Intensity Z1 @ 60% HRres Free
Friday Rollerski Weight/Core
Time 40-40-30 5 sets of 5 mins, 3 mins rest 90 mins
Intensity Z1 (warm up), Z3, Z1 (easy)
Saturday Cycling Rest
Intensity 180 mins
Time Z1
Sunday Rest Run
Intensity Z1
Time 60 mins

TID: Z1: 820 mins (13 hours 40 mins), Z2: 20 mins, Z3: 62 mins = 902 mins

Weights 180 mins, Other 90 mins = 1172 mins (19 hours 32 mins)

Z1 (70%), Z2 (1.7%), Z3 (5.3%)

Warm up at 60% of HRres

Weight Training

3 set, recovery time 90s

Bench press (put legs on the bench, not on the floor) & pull-down

Triceps pull-downs, deadlift

Rowing/arm-pull while sitting & arm-press with dumb-bells using inclined bench, legs: squats & hamstring curl, single-leg squat, side squat

Core Training

Exercise: 3 sets, recovery 60 s

Supine plank, prone plank, side plank, side plank-leg motions statically, spine in a neutral position, Swiss ball training(inclined press-ups, top position, single-leg holds, quadruped motions)

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