Cross Skating Lyon Decines Grand Large

It had been raining heavily the last days; the wettest autumn in living memory they said on the television. I wondered if a tour of the Grand Large reservoir east of Lyon was a good idea. The red clay surface should drain well, but still. It is over a year since I've used my cross skis so they took a bit of getting used to, that is probably obvious from the video.

The tour is about 9km using the two foot bridges. Not bad on heavy cross skis. The south side of the reservoir is flat, with an excellent surface. The path is wide and is not too busy on a weekday. There is enough room for everyone. At the top of the reservoir you cross over a bridge. The descent on the other side is steep, with a lip but luckily short. Care needed.

Grand Large, Lyon; Cross Skating Map

The return path is narrow at first with a steep climb then a less steep but twisty descent. You are then on a public road past the boat clubs. A hidden right takes you back onto a closed path and a longish climb and descent, another section of road then back onto the towpath. At the lower end of the reservoir you join the canal du Jonage which has a nice footbridge to take you back to your start point.

If you are happy with the ups and downs this makes a pleasant tour on varied terrain. Watch out for the parts on public roads even if they don't have a lot of traffic. Busy at weekends.