Rollerski, Lyon, Tunnel Mode-Doux Croix Rousse, France

A morning skate around Lyon's Parc de la Tête d'Or. I did a couple of loops but by 10am it was getting busy so decided to test the new cycle path which has been completed along the Rhone before crossing over. Two loops in the 13m30s, around PB time. I wanted to go under 13m but the surface is not great on some sections after the winter and the vibrations, peds and potholes slow you down. I think I need to run a bit more first although I wasn't really on my limit, or close even.

Then over the Pont de Lattre de Tassigny named after General Jean de LdT a French WW2 hero. Both Jean and his son Bernard served in Vietnam in the 1950s where Bernard was killed in action. The bridge has a cycle path which is in good condition and safe to cross on rollerskis with not too much sloped. The tunnel itself has a good surface but you have to be careful about bikes and be lit. There is a projected light show which changes all the time but the tunnel is not that light inside. At the far end the Saone river and it is possible to cross this and take the cycle path north to the Isle Barbe or south into town with a bit of care where you cross sidewalks.

The tunnel was very practical as it had started to rain. The interior surface is good but watch out for regular drain covers. I did a return trip and it is quite long, around 1.5km one way so a lot of time in the dark. I could imagine training in it on a stormy day or when it is dark in the winter.